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Align your organisation around value

Value Hike is a cloud-based survey tool that enables any organisation to measure their alignment, from the CEO to the customer, around a customised set of value propositions.

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How does it work?

Why Value Hike?

What are your organisation’s core value propositions? A quality product, global reach, or great customer service perhaps?
What is the CEO’s view? Is their view different to the view of the Sales team? What about Technology and Operations? Are they building the value proposition from two years ago or have they changed in line with the new direction of the organisation?
And what about your customers? Do they have a different view entirely on what they value?
Value Hike helps answer all those questions and guides executives to the hotspots in their organisation where value may be eroding and where there is misalignment in the value chain.

Value Hike is…

About Value Hike

Value Hike is a survey tool that has been developed from the ground up based on real life case studies. It’s built on in-depth interviews with dozens of CEOs in Australia, Israel, NZ and the US, on the key elements of value that they believe their organisations pursue.



These insights have been distilled to form the backbone of every Value Hike survey that we create.

Surveys can either be taken “off the shelf” from our library of pre-existing surveys or they can be customised for your organisation’s specific needs (recommended!).

We typically identify 15-20 value propositions that apply to an organisation, drawn from our core set of 70 value propositions. We can quickly form a view on which value propositions will be best suited to any organisation but validate this through an executive interview.



The survey itself is cloud based and utilises class leading visual dynamics to engage survey participants and ensure a high completion rate.

Our reporting is combination of output reports and user driven interrogation of a results database (under development).

Any Questions?

Value Hike is a cloud-based survey tool that enables any business to measure their alignment, from the CEO to the customer, around a customised set of value propositions. It is applicable for any organisation, large or small, but particularly useful for an organisation that is in a dynamic state, facing new challenges, launching new products to new customers or in need of transformation.

Every instance of misalignment within an organisation creates the risk of value erosion, and should be addressed. Value Hike provides hard data on where misalignment exists, enabling management to take remedial action.

A value proposition is a fancy way of describing a promise that an organisation makes to a customer. It could be practical, like the promise of a beautifully designed product or a product that’s available at a low price, or it could be of higher order like the promise of creating a more hopeful future. Either way, its important that the organisation knows what its value propositions are and that maximum resources are being expended on delivering them to customers.

Value Hike provides hard data highlighting the alignment, across an organisation, with a set of customised value propositions. It shows whether the CEO’s view on the value propositions to be pursued is different from those that the marketing team are working on, or the technology team and even the value propositions that customers themselves rate highly. An organisation will know whether it is working in alignment or whether different departments are working at cross purposes.

Yes, we have created a set of templated surveys, by industry, which act as a starting point, but the surveys can be modified, in conjunction with Value Hike’s support, to make them specific to your organisation. We are building functionality that will enable organisations to modify surveys themselves through a guided online process.

The Value Hike report is in pdf form at this stage. We are currently building functionality that will enable users to access the survey database and interrogate the data independently.

Value Hike is intended to be a tool that helps any organisation to drive high performance by ensuring that there is alignment on the value propositions that are being developed, supported and marketed to customers. It enables management to dive into hotspots where the organisation is not putting effort into, or not succeeding in developing, value propositions that are seen as critical to the success of the organisation and desirable by customers.

The key to Value Hike is to make the coverage as broad as possible. The survey is constructed so that it’s applicable for the CEO, leadership team, employees from every business unit and customers.

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